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If you're looking for help with an aviation matter, this is the right place. An aviation lawyer may be able to help.

Plane crash cases are complicated. Depending on where the plane was going, if it was a national or international flight determines what laws and treaties apply. The investigation of the incident or crash is long and grueling as investigators attempt to determine if the crash involves defective design or materials, avionics or instrument failure, negligent maintenance or repair, air traffic control error, pilot error, icing, fuel mismanagement, or ground crew failures, or any of a hundred other possibilities. The investigation will pursue the facts, and the facts determine who is responsible. Having the best representation possible means aviation lawyers who are experts in fighting for compensation and accountability fighting on behalf of victims and their families against the aviation industry. It means lawyers doing what they do best, and holding parties responsible for the disaster accountable for their negligence or failure.

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